Big thanks to the guys at HomeBrew radio show who are spinning our new single Stray Horse Canyon across shedloads of Australian community radio stations throughout this week.

This great music show is syndicated nationally and we are on the hour-long program with a quite stellar lineup of Australian music, making an entrance around the 40 minute mark.

You can check out the show on the HomeBrew website here.

It’s playing all week and you can find the radio station near you that’s playing it and the time it’s on right here.

Get behind it when you hear it!

We’ve also released the single on the Amrap AirIt radio catalogue – so if you are radio station and want to download it or order it to give it a spin, jump on this link:

Stray Horse Canyon – Rich Webb Band – radio download

We’ve also release a couple of tracks from the last album Beautiful World through the same service:

My Life Story – Rich Webb Band – radio download

Beautiful World – Rich Webb Band – radio download