Stoner was the only man
who came in on that old boat
Was the only one he said
still left there afloat
Some say he lived off a leg or an arm
Who knows?
He’s got something in his eye
says this door is closed
What was that you know?
What was that you say?

Living on an aeroplane
there’s no safer way to blame
Everyone but yourself
and everyone you’re leaving behind
Those that know greatness know that it’s
not about what you have but what you know
and what you know is what you stand for all of the time

Blessed are you
Blessed in what you can do

It became a little difficult
We couldn’t find any rest
We had to find out what was going on
in this complicated mess
Whatever he happens to be or not
Whatever he lives by
It’s not up to you and me
to judge or question why
Just because you don’t conform
doesn’t mean you’re not right

Turns out it was the worst of trips
Turns out it was hell alright
You’ve got to live with what you’ve done
every minute of every day and every night