Like a hornet in my head

Hear you whisper all the time

From tramp city baby to the end of the street

Shards in my hands, you rest your feet

Put my finger to your lips

There'll be no more talk for now

The baby crawls to you

The sun comes shining through

Don't fall so low

Earth move out my way

Dirty water for a spine

The diamonds in my mind

They shine, shine, shine

Everywhere I turn to fly

A piano on the call

The click, clack, click, clack

Of rain on your window

New mother takes you in

You've left your bags in the hall

The castles you were building now seem

Like nothing at all

Let it shine, shine, shine

Let it shine, shine, shine

And you want to set you free

But you want to make that call

You've been from here to everywhere

But it's still nowhere at all

You're moving like a train

Got no place to fall

There's a moon we're chasing from dusk

To the bright side of dawn

You've got nowhere to go

Hanging on my arm

The lights like company

A lull before a storm

You're leaving for a friend

You're not sure if you'll go

But come tomorrow morning

Well you think you'll know

Let it shine, shine, shine

Let it shine, shine, shine