Image of a male - Rich Webb - standing in the centre of the frame outsfde at at sunset

Hey folks, there was a barrage of interviews in the run up to the RIGHT! album launch and I’m only now getting around to update the website to reflect some of the more interesting ones – apols all round for that but here are some of them…

Here are a selection of the latest test interviews:

* Had a great chat with radio personality Brian Peel for his blog The about music and life in general – check it out here.

* The lovely folks at Silver Tiger Media asked me to talk about my four favourite songs on the new record – find out what they were here.

* Was super to chat to Michelle Symes at Music Festivals Australia for her piece ‘Rich Webb gets it RIGHT’.

* And was a pleasure to chat with Aaron Schultz at The Outback Mind Foundation for a 30 minute podcast – listen here on Apple | here on Spotify

Thanks to all involved for their interest and support.

Image: WILK