Rich Webb - Girl Who Laughed Too Much - remaster 2021 - cover

Super chuffed the first Rich Webb album ‘The Girl Who Laughed Too Much’ has been given a new lick of paint and remastered 2021 style by Pete Lyman in Nashville. It’s now streaming on all digital platforms – go check it out! Links below.

We’ve also added a couple of bonus tracks – ‘Girl on the Corner’, an outtake, and Tony Cohen’s mix of ‘Light’, a song that turned up on a later album.

The record was recorded in London by Howard Bargroff and Francoise Deschamps and mixed by Tony in Melbourne. David Eugene Webb on drums and Simon Fellows on bass were linchpins, along with guitarists Ian Gant and Charlie Wilde.

Jon Webb played some gorgeous sax and special mention goes to Pen Lister for her brilliant duet on Columbus and Anna Piekarski and Jenny Oates for sensational’s still a great listen! Give it a spin…


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