A blues-tinged roller-coaster ride to the end of the line. A guitar and sax fiesta for skeletons everywhere. Get on board...

Railroad of Bones features the same line-up as on award-winning album ‘Le Rayon Vert’. This time though, the plaid shirts have been exchanged for John Lee Hooker’s fedora hat and some fine and dusty snakeskin boots. 

It’s a modern blast of the blues and all the better for the chaos it finds itself caught up in. 

This suitably skeletal animation was illustrated by Emma Webb at Fickle Crowd and animated by Jarrod Elvin at MickMacks. 

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The track was released on 31 July 2020 through Amrap in Australia and is available on all streaming platforms and for download. 

Rich Webb - Railroad of Bones
Rich Webb - vocals/guitar
Phil Wakeman - lead guitars
Jon Webb - saxophone
George-Savva Georgiou - bass
David Eugene Webb - drums
Recorded by David Odlum at Studio Black Box, France
Produced and mixed by Howard Bargroff and Rich Webb
Mastered by Howard Bargroff
Illustration: Emma Webb - Fickle Crowd - https://www.ficklecrowd.com
Animation: Jarrod Elvin - MickMacks - http://www.mick-macks.com