Live version of 3 Days Missing taken from a tour across Germany in 2009. 

Big thanks to Manuel Klemm for booking and managing the tour (and the many that followed) and for the phone footage of us playing here. The rest was shot by the band as we went across the country. Was a heap of fun.

How we packed a full four-piece band including drum kit, two Fender Twins, a big bass rig and merch into that motor, I have no idea.

Thanks to Mr Arne von Brill also for hooking us up with some great sponsorships including these fine St Blues guitars from Memphis, and for acting as compare.

Most of all though, a big and heartfelt thanks to everyone in Germany who came to see us and who have continued to support us since then - we hope to see you all again soon.  With love to you all.

Rich Webb - vocals, guitar
Phil Wakeman - guitar, vocals
George-Savva Georgiou - bass/vocals
David Eugene Webb - drums

3 Days Missing - Live - mixed and mastered in 2019 by Howard Bargroff and Rich Webb.

The studio version of 3 Days Missing is on the Rich Webb ‘Overboard’ album.