So there I was, watching the door close very slowly And then someone’s foot got stuck in it. Don’t know whose. Don’t know why. Could have been mine. But it did. And folks, I’m totally grateful for it.

Seemingly out of nowhere, stuff is happening. Taking a bit of shape. Like a giant plan that I didn’t know existed that just needed more time.

Out of a dark little hole in a nondescript backyard has come some stuff I’m compelled to talk about. Stuff that wants to get out of here, taking me with it. Thanks to all those that need a big thanking here.

  • There’s been a new video with superman Matthew Lawes-Wickwar. Always a pleasure. It required Ringo’s drums – much more fun than expected and reminded me of so much fun with Dave’s set upstairs years ago. Videographer though is probably not an option going forward. It’s about a subject close to both of our hearts – why do people have so little love and compassion for others, particularly those that are desperate and need their help. Empathy is in short supply and politicians can’t be the people to control this stuff. They nearly always have less of it than most.
  • I’ve been working with some really fine folks on the music front that are not only quite brilliant, but have infectious enthusiasm.
  • I’ve started to accept you must eventually get old – but am still not sure I’ve rung everything out of the second that’s just gone by.
  • And also that now is better than some time yesterday, simply because it exists.

With that, I reckon 2022 is finally the year that puts the recent global mess away. For me at least. We’ve had a few false starts but I reckon it’s time to get up and lead the charge and to hell with floundering around.

So, if you see me out please say hello. Buy me a drink maybe. Being there is going to be the thing that’s important.

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