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Fine Stoner review on ‘Post to Wire’ …

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The rather excellent Post to Wire Americana music website has delivered a cool review of Stoner .. . it’s also copied over below

They’re also running the track hard on the Post to Wire Spotify playlist – well worth a listen and give it some loving

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Post to Wire – 12 December 2018

NEW MUSIC: Rich Webb – Stoner

This track caught our ear with its noir verses and power pop on codeine chorus. It’s lush and swooning in the way it glides and soars at different times. Rich Webb hails from Melbourne and Stoner comes from his album Le Rayon Vert which you can check out on Spotify and purchase via his website.

According to Webb… the song and video is centred on judgement and having strength in your own convictions, with love and empathy for other people and what they are going through… essentially not jumping to judgement of others. Don’t judge a book by its cover.