Rich Webb

An evening with Volker Rebell

Some great news: on Saturday 23 Sept we’ve got a special event happening with the radio presenter and star of Germany’s HR3 radio station Mr Volker Rebell.

We will be performing a show at Offenbach (am Main) near Frankfurt, starting at 19:30. The show will be recorded for radio to be broadcast shortly afterwards.

There’s limited seating for the radio special and it’s 15 euros entry fee – contact Volker directly to reserve your tickets volker.rebell@t-online.de.

Volker was a big supporter of the band on HR3 a few years ago and Rich and Phil performed a live session on his show.

Rich, Phil and George were also part of Volker’s marvellous travelling circus event he following year that went to all parts of Germany and included a wide variety of fantastic acts.

It’s going to be real pleasure to do an evening with Volker again.


Date: Sat 23 Sept 2017
Showtime: 19:30 – 22:00
Ticket reservations: volker.rebell@t-online.de


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