Dear Mother, I'm glad you wrote

Everything's fine but not fine enough to vote

Ah Mum, it's such a breeze

Are you really sure you want me there, no?

And we're getting on fine enough

As fine as I can see

Dancing to a steel guitar

Not loud enough for me

While I come down, down, down, down, down, down down

Ah Dad, where've you been?

It doesn't seem quite the same since you've been dropping in

Get so drunk, drunk and mellow

Tell you I'm about two foot taller now

Plain Jane, it's still the same

Nothing changes in an empty room, no

Well I thought, you might get lost

And I didn't count on you, I didn't count on you

Ah Mick, so your hair grows long

Keep buying the tickets boy

One day, me and you

Out on the town like we used to do

And that's fine by me if that's fine by you