In the deep and darkest lake

All animals and mud

Crushed tightly together, ah ha

And I'm dressed like a swan

Star to my chest
First in best dressed

On our way, here forever

You don't know me when you're a babe, no

See we're looking so sweet

Feeling just fine

We don't see each other cos we haven't got the time, anyway

Say a word to Deek

He's been sick three times this week

Love him like a brother and another like a queen

We know where we're going but not where we've been

Forever young and never waiting on ya

Baby's got new clothes

I don't suppose I know it

Baby's got new clothes

She's been through those and don't she show it

With a wish upon us all

Well you'll be asking me why

I'll believe it's good

We've lost our heads somewhere, I don't know if we'll ever find 'em

Sucking on your neck, is this really in the plan?

Walking with our bags to the exit, mmm

Yeah, seems real fun going searching for the moon

Middle of the morning I can hear the asses braying

Well you'd like to see

How backward I can be

When I'm a going forward

We're going to live
In a house under the sea

If we just do it now