Rich Webb


Rich Webb is a Naarm/Melbourne singer songwriter.

Check the recent videos for Love Someone (120K views) and Blue Wildflowers (40K) on YouTube.

Of late, you'll find him around Melbourne playing with some incredible musicians - Matt Dixon on lead guitar and pedal steel, Alics Gate-Eastley on bass/vocals and Jim Carden drums/vocals. 

Rich Webb has delivered roaring shows from the large (Melkweg, Amsterdam and Saarbrucken Castle, Germany), to the smaller but equally  excellent (Drunken Poet and Old Bar in Melbourne; Café Vinyl, Germany), to those less travelled (KAMA, Kampot, Cambodia, Turning Point at the top of a German mountain).

You may have seen Rich recently at the following Australian festivals: Groove and GrazeBrewer’s FeastKnox Festival and National Sustainable Living Festival.

Many shows are happening now - and we're coming on horseback...



“You can almost smell the lingering scent of stale cigarette smoke, whiskey and dust in the air as Webb and Co take you on an Americana-inspired tumble down the tracks” -Beat Magazine

“The fast-paced, gun-slinger sound makes ‘Let it Rain’ the perfect outlaw track” -Music News Today

“A drive through Route 66 in a 1976 Eldorado Cadillac whilst the sun sets” - Rock on the Radar

“Le Rayon Vert is a masterpiece that captivates from the first to the last note – it’s a gripping mix of desert-hot Americana, atmospheric indie, and elegantly rumbling garage rock” - Country Music News International

“A grand achievement, Le Rayon Vert is an album for weary ears, tainted hearts and those who just so happen to live in a wood cabin” - Beat Magazine 9/10

“Webb’s voice takes the most emotional role – alone his earthy, scratchy timbre would be enough to fill a dozen albums” - Soultrain

“Stoner caught our ear with its noir verses and power pop on codeine chorus. It’s lush and swooning in the way its glides and soars at different times” – Post To Wire

“Since 2007, Webb has been delighting his fans worldwide with this quaint mixture that hardly any other artist has perfected so well” - Metalglory

“Like John Mellencamp on drugs” - Darkstars

“Le Rayon Vert is an album for those who are cosmopolitan, like to have variety and want to chill every now and then” - Crossfire Metal

“At a later hour, after an eventful party evening, it’s just perfect listening” - Metalogy

Acclaim for previous releases include 4* from Rolling Stone for The Girl Who Laughed Too Much, while follow-up ‘Overboard’ topped that. 

They’ve had songs run hard on radio – ‘Don’t Feel So Sad, ‘Gone Gone Gone’ – and kicked out over 1000  cracking shows across three continents. 

You may have seen him in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands and Cambodia, and I doubt you would forget it if you had. Just make sure you catch him this time too. 

"Howlingly good, dark-hued Aussie popmeister," London Evening Standard

“Like a Tarantino soundtrack,” Beat, Melbourne

“A steamship trip on the Mississippi, at times a road movie, at times an ode to love, and at times no nonsense rock and roll,” Musicheadquarter, Germany

Beautiful World

"Wonderfully inventive – employing a kind of narrative storytelling that transcends the usual form of song," Album of the Week, Across the Tracks, 3PBS, Australia

"Low-key, darkly glamorous tales of lost love and infidelity," Subba-Cultcha, UK

"Desert rock, capturing the concept of Australiana completely – like a trip through the outback where you are continually fascinated by the scenery as it richly unfolds," Melodie & Rhythmus, Germany

"Webb’s songs are not straightforward, and are always a little uncomfortable, complex and interlaced, and drill deep. In the beautiful world of Rich Webb, there is a lot going on," Gästeliste, Germany


"Classy package from olde M-Town," Rolling Stone

"Subliminal, dangerous, impending and mystic," Angehort, Germany

"Tracks like ‘Move on Over’ and ‘Burn in Hell’ demonstrate Rich Webb's commanding presence, his husky dry voice resonating amongst a sea of howling guitars and deliberate, solid bass lines," Rough Trade, UK

"Not only has it got everything you need if you want to plunge overboard but it’s also like some sort of art statement from which it’s difficult to leave," Bremer Stadtillustrierte, Germany

Live show

"From the opening song Gone Gone Gone, they lifted the mood -  this band were celebrated," Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine

"A trip into the bittersweet world of country, the Antipodean way. David McComb rest in peace," Hope & Anchor, London

"Thumping alterno rock and tender urban balladry," Time Out, London

About Le Rayon Vert

Le Rayon Vert was recorded by David Odlum in France and by Arno Jordan and Wolfgang Manns in Germany. It was produced and mixed by multiple BAFTA winner Howard Bargroff. Mastering was by Pete Lyman (Chris Stapleton/Tom Waits) at Infrasonic Mastering, Nashville.

“An electric blend of Americana and garage rock, with a sprinkle of country rock with some scorching riffs” – PureGrainAudio

“Expect primal, country-tinged dirty rock, devil’s rib bone rhythms and scorching leads strung like delicious party lights around Webb’s offbeat story-telling” –  Rock on the Radar

“A steamship trip on the Mississippi, at times a road movie, at times an ode to love, and at times no nonsense rock and roll” – Musicheadquarter

“Like a Tarantino soundtrack” – Beat Magazine

“Thumping alterno rock and tender urban balladry” – Time Out, London