Rich Webb


New album Le Rayon Vert – out now!

We are super happy about this – the new Rich Webb album Le Rayon Vert is out now and available everywhere

We wish it bon voyage and good luck. We’re also looking forward to taking these songs out on the road from next month.

It’s been an adventure getting this one together and a heap of fun –

We’ve got a track on here from an early session with Wolfgang Manns at Toolhouse Studio in Germany, we then put down four more with Arno Jordan at Castle Rohrsdorf Studio, and then six late last year at Studio Black Box in the Loire Valley in France, which were crafted by David Odlum.

These three gentlemen played a big part and we can’t thank them enough for the work and quality they delivered.

Of course, behind all of this has been producer and mixer Howard Bargroff, who took what we recorded and turned it into something listenable. He came along to the final session in France and described the process thus:

Last year we spent a marvellous week in a lovely residential French recording studio drinking wine and pointing microphones at things. It was all mixed over xmas and through winter to produce the following wonderfully eclectic collection of songs. Have a listen and enjoy.”


A huge thanks to you H – you nailed it mate!

Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Mastering Nashville provided the icing – he also delivered a rather excellent specific vinyl master too, which is really worth a listen if you get the chance…

A final thanks goes to Carol Kavanagh at Cargo Records Germany for elegantly managing all the different pressings for us, and then getting them safely to all corners of the globe…

Thanks all! We are really grateful for all the work you put in and now intend to take it out there and kick some ass with it, and do you proud too.

Check out our one-minute teaser for the album here.



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