Rich Webb


Making the Me and my Horse Trigger video – image gallery

We had an absolute blast last week making a video in the middle of Germany with our good mates Manuel Klemm and Ivonne Rode for new song ‘Me and my Horse Trigger’.

The song – and video – is about people being out of time with the world and being unwilling or simply refusing to accept it. It’s about those that want to turn back time to when things were apparently better than now.

The video was shot in the countryside around Dillich, Hessen, at the town of Homberg (Efze), and in the city of Kassel. While the video is still a few weeks away from completion, Ive shot a beautiful set of behind the scenes pictures while we were making it. We’ve put some of the images below.

The video is going to be an absolute cracker!

Thanks to both Ive and Manuel for a great week of work and to the generous help and hospitality we received from all in the region, including Yan Hackl-Feldbusch and Christine Handel for help with the filming, and Cor Van Leeuwen at Cafe Hahn for a lovely welcome. Thanks also to Natasha Lawes for help putting the outfit together. Looking forward to seeing you all again in October!