Rich Webb


  • Wolfgang? Toolhouse? We need to do this again! #studio #marvellous
  • Tea's on! Yorkshire, the good stuff #theydon'tmakeitbetter #lovelyauntyhazel
  • Morning Belton - looking beautiful as always #atauntyhazels #crispmornings
  • Charles Holden - we're here! Come on down for the show this evening - it's going give a ripper #backinblighty #readytorock
  • Bye bye France, it's been marvellous - London we're on the way - see you at the Charles Holden tonight!
  • Day 5 and we're closing in on seven new beauties - oh my goodness!
  • Day 4 and all is well ...with Howard Bargroff and David Odlum
  • Getting stuck into 5 fabulous days recording at Black Box Studios in Brittany - bring it on! #newalbumaroundthecorner #greatsounds
  • Producer extraordinaire Mr Howard Bargroff is in la belle France! Studio time kicks off tomorrow with this fine gent behind the dials - bring it on!#notleavingwithoutabagofhits
  • G's back to London for a short while #thentherewerethree #bassless